Our learning Process boosts your Child’s Focus,
concentration and Discipline
It is called


Board games to boost critical thinking

and social skills

Extracurricular activities including

Swimming, taekwando etc

There is a musical instrument for

every child’s interest

Eye opening field trips to make learning

fun and engaging


Making Decisions over your Child’s education is sometimes tough. Pams Montessori makes it easy and Sure

It all began in January 1998. I wanted to do something socially and economically valuable to keep the memory of my late mother Princess Comfort Adunola, alive and fresh.

I have always had a strong passion for good education, so it came naturally to start a standard Montessori school to honour my mother and also revolutionize the Nigerian education sector

I knew if this is done right, we would successfully contribute in raising leaders equipped mentally, physically and emotionally to transform our dear nation

In 2004, the school went through a transformation and renovation exercise where the name was changed to PAMS Montessori School.

Our school is Montessori-certified and approved by the Lagos State Government. It is located in the serene area of Mafoluku in Lagos State.

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Our aim is to provide a conducive environment for learning and building confident individuals.


Our method of education is fully Montessori.


Our teachers are trained to act as guide and consultants to children on one-on-one basis.


Most 2-year-olds are filled with energy and an innate curiosity about the world around them. As they quickly develop their sense of independence, we offer your child early education that is focused on certain skills development.


Our Nursery pupils, aged three to five, learn best by doing hands-on activities and we are pleased to offer that. Their learning at this stage requires active thinking and experimenting as they find out about the ...

Primary Classes

Our primary pupils receive quality elementary education as they delve deeper into their learning journey. Our teachers also help each child to realize his/her potential through academics and extra-curricular ...

Our Facilities


For little Babies

Creche Playground

For little Babies


For All Students

Music Class

For All Students